NASA's James Webb telescope reveals the universe as we've never seen it before

July 11, 2022

The machine's namesake, James Webb, was NASA's second administrator, who served from 1961 to 1968. 

“It’s not an image. It’s a new world view that you’re going to see,”  

European and Canadian space agencies that had been planned since the early 1990s, launched in December from French Guiana.

The Telescope is about 1 million miles from Earth, and orbits the sun

Engineers will now spend about three months aligning 18 Hexagonal mirror to the final configuration

The Webb is the largest telescope ever sent into space. It's also an astounding 100 times more powerful than the famed but aging Hubble Space Telescope, which is now 32 years old. 

The telescope will mainly be used for infrared observation

"Today is an historic day" said President Biden. "The first image from the Webb Space Telescope represents a historic moment for science and technology

it will help scientists see the early phases of star formation